Why Use Fast Drying Screed?

Our fast drying sand and cement floor screed contains special additives which enable the screed to dry quicker and therefore allow any floor covering to be laid sooner rather than later. Specialist fast drying floor screed is more in demand than ever, due to the normal timelines and conditions. We often use fast drying screeds for commercial projects to reduce any downtime while the screed is drying.  Standard floor screed dries at a normal rate of 1mm per day, up to 40mm and 0.5mm per day, thereafter. This would normally mean that an average 75mm screed application would take anywhere around 110 days at a temperature of 20C, to receive sensitive final floor finishings and this is something that is quite often not looked into. This type of floor screed can also be laid over a base of lightweight aggregate in order to generate weight savings, for example when used in a roofing application. We can provide Isocrete K-Screed Heavy Duty which is recommended for use in areas where heavy traffic is present on a continual basis, such as airport terminals, stadiums, arenas, hospitals amongst others.

A semi-dry cementitious screed incorporating proprietary additives to produce an early drying, high strength screed for high traffic areas, combined with rapid installation, high-speed construction and excellent moisture control. It may be laid bonded, unbonded or floating and may be used with proprietary underfloor heating and sound-proofing systems.

The Benefits of Fast Drying Sand & Cement Screed

  • Estimated around 5 days drying time before ready for floor covering (dependent on site conditions and screed used, please request for details)
  • Extremley reduced drying times (to be able to apply the final flooring)
  • Fast dry screed made for usage where high point loading or heavy trafficking can be expected
  • Quicker early strength development
  • Reduced drying shrinkage resulting from low water/cement ratio
  • Greater floor strength
  • Est. Light foot traffic – 2 days (depending on requirements we can provide different versions of fast drying screeds)
  • Improved working properties providing a much easier and more reliable compaction.
  • Fibres may be used to replace crack control reinforcement
  • Est. Usable for 8-12 hours (depending on requirements we can provide different versions of fast drying screeds)
  • Est. Site traffic – 5 days (depending on requirements we can provide different versions of fast drying screeds)
  • Conforms to the requirements of BS EN 13813