About Latex Floor Screed

Our high-quality Latex screed is a synthetic compound manufactured from a special blend of sand, cement and synthetic polymers that can be applied to many variations of surface types. It can also be applied over wooden floors as long as they are correctly prepared and suits well as a covering for underfloor heating.

Latex Screed Applications

Latex floor screed is ideal for levelling uneven floors and preparing rigid surfaces in preparation for installation of floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl and ceramic floor tiles. Latex screed can be used in areas where hygiene is important and food preparation areas due to latex screed being protein free.

Typically, Latex screed is fast drying so floor coverings can be installed quickly after installation. By laying a heavy duty screed this would limit stress fractures. It is commonly used to achieve finer tolerances for a stronger end product, thickness varies but can range from 3mm- 40mm in one application.

Benefits of Latex Flooring

Latex floor screed is a popular choice for smoothing current floor surfaces and adding extra strength. Installation of final floor coverings can be carried out in a short time frame due to its quick drying properties and can be used to cover underfloor heating.

  • Quick drying
  • Suitable for use over underfloor heating
  • Condensed, smooth finish
  • Can be laid to a depth of 3mm -40 mm
  • ┬áProtein-free