Traditional Floor Screed

At Screedafloor Limited all of our screeders are fully qualified and NVQ trained with many years experience behind them. We offer a very reliable and hassle free service which we uphold with pride throughout the Company. Screedafloor Limited covers all areas of Essex, London and the South East of the United Kingdom. We are also more than happy to travel further afield if required.

Our traditional floor screed also known as sand and cement floor screed is made from sharp sand, cement and a minimum quantity of water. This type of screed is suitable for all applications that are to receive a floor finish and is usually the most economic of all types of screeds.

We provide and work with our own plant which is serviced and maintained regularly to ensure 100% reliability. This allows us to be more mobile and enables us to ensure that your projects are left with minimal waste and mess.

The Benefits For Traditional Floor Screeding

At Screedafloor we take pride in only sourcing all of our sand and cement screed from expert national screed suppliers. We use big names such as Cemex and Tarmac. This helps us to ensure that we can meet the required British Standards and ensure we can uphold our 10-year guarantee.

The factory mixed sand and cement levelling screed is suitable for both flooring applications and provides superb cement dispersion. This, in turn, provides a more uniform comprehensive strength throughout.

Traditional Screed can be used on suspended or in-situ concrete floors, as a topping to light aggregate screeds or utilised in a floating construction over insulation to give acoustic or thermal properties.

Using readily mixed screeds prevents any issues which could arise when using Screed mixed on site. These problems can sometimes damage the integrity of the installation and its suitability for purpose or longevity.

The Benefits of Traditional Floor Screed

  • Workable for 8-12 hours
  •  Conforms to the requirements of BS EN 13813
  •  Light foot traffic – within 48 hours
  •  Site traffic –within 7 days
  •  Suitable for underfloor heating
  •  Pumped on site if needed
  •  Suitable for all types of final floor installation

Traditional Screed Specifications

Traditional floor screed is also known as sand and cement screed or dry floor screed because of its low water content. We offer traditional screeds which are laid from 65mm+ thickness on a floating floor and are laid 50mm+ to a bonded floor. It is possible for your screeds to be laid thinner but to achieve this you would require additives to be included in the mix which we can supply.