Underfloor Heating can reduce your carbon footprint.

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Underfloor Heating can reduce your carbon footprint. As the nights are drawing in and the chilling air is beginning to make an appearance, households over the country are trying to delay the day they set their heating timer to their daily routine. Fireplaces will soon be dusted of cobwebs and log fire smoke will be […]

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Underfloor Heating How It Works

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Underfloor heating¬†evenly heats a room by pumping a steady and controlled flow of warm water through carefully positioned tubes that are fitted under your floor level. The pipes are placed in a shape tailored to the specific room to get the best possible results. The way in which they are laid ensures even heat placement […]

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Why Your Screed May Have Bubbles

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Epoxy or screed flooring can be used to produce hard wearing, functional, and good looking flooring. However, one complaint that has become increasingly common is that bubbles can ruin the look of the floor, and also make it more difficult to keep clean. The bubbles are caused when a gas is present in the wet […]

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What Is The Difference Between Floor Screeding And Concrete

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How big is screed and concrete used in the industry? Both Screed and concrete are widely used within the construction industry and without knowing the difference between screed and concrete it can be difficult to decipher which would be ideal for the job at hand. The difference between flooring screeding Floor screeding is a smoother […]

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Choosing Floor Screed For Your Underfloor Heating

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So you are probably wondering when we decide¬†what screed is best for your underfloor heating? To make floor screeding work best for your underfloor heating, it is extremely paramount for us to begin planning and organising the screed correctly at the designing stage of the underfloor heating, and not to commit to the basic error […]

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